Farm House Kebab

Fresh and Healthy Flavours
Authentic Doner Kebab In London

At Farm House Kebab, we deliver high-quality meals at budget-friendly prices in a warm and welcoming environment.

Quality, Healthy, Fresh and Sustainable from Farm to Fork

Farm House Kebab is an award-winning fast food chain in London offering a wide variety of contemporary, healthy and fresh kebabs in a fun and friendly atmosphere as well as delicious food. This meets the increasing demand for healthy, protein-based fast food influenced by Mediterranean cuisine..

In addition to offering a simple and fresh menu based on Turkish cuisine, we will also offer a variety of fresh and healthy salads and wraps. All our meats are sourced from British farms with high quality and strict ethical standards. Our wraps have unique ingredients, fresh salads, and sides that make an unforgettable experience. Accompanied by one of our finely selected Turkish wines or draft beer, you will not be disappointed.


Our Locations

We welcome you to explore our multiple London locations and savour the artfully curated delights from our menu. Rest assured, your visit will leave you thoroughly satisfied! Don’t wait; join us today! Farm House Kebab is your destination for wholesome, protein-rich fast food, serving the finest Mediterranean cuisine. Discover our six prime London locations here below.